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Arizona Regents University (ARU) is a cooperative effort linking Arizona's three public universities -- Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and University of Arizona -- together to support the advancement of distance learning. The primary objective of ARU is to make the benefits of a higher education available to learners who do not or cannot participate in the traditional university offerings. ARU students can participate in distance learning courses offered by all three Arizona public universities.

How It Works:

If you’re a prospective student here’s how the ARU partnership works:

  • ARU features degrees offered through distance learning by one (or more) of the three Arizona public universities: ASU, NAU and UA. 
  • Students select one of the participating universities as a home campus and may register through the home campus for distance learning courses at the other two campuses.
  • A coordinator at each university works to ensure seamless student services. Contact information is available for the ARU Campus Coordinators.
  • We are expanding on the successful model developed for articulation with our community college partners. We intend to use the Arizona Course Equivalency Tracking System (ACETS) to automate the articulation process among the partnering universities.

  • More information on both ARU and distributed education in general is available through the Frequently Asked Questions section of this Web Site. You can also read more on the origins of ARU on our Background page. Please feel free to contact us for more information. 

Not sure that Distance Education is for you? Take our Distance Education Readiness Quiz.

See Classes and Programs for a complete listing of the distance learning courses and programs available.

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